Our Mission

People have the tendency to overcomplicate simple tasks which become reflected within their products. The key to success lies within those who make these complexities into something simple.

Vernes, President
The name Epitosoft derives from the word “epitome” which is the state of being the perfect example of a particular quality or type. When Epitosoft opened in the summer of 2012, we were dissatisfied at current state of the app market. Although there were apps that offered solutions, they were all either poorly designed or overpriced. We found this to be counter intuitive. It was since then that we set our mission to provide premium applications that were designed to be simple yet effective in aiding our customers to solve their everyday problems. It was then that we decided that Epitosoft would be the role model for other mobile development companies. We would be the ones setting a good example of how applications should be designed.

We have since then grown exponentially, catering to thousands of clients today. At Epitosoft, we allocate a lot of time, research and development into developing mobile apps that not only cater to our customers’ needs but also provide a unique user experience. This is made possible due to our customers feedback. Listening to our customers is what allows us to have a competitive advantage. It introduces new features and improvements. To us “being average” is unacceptable. At Epitosoft we constantly challenge the industry standard and seek to improve it within our apps such that they reflect a more simple yet improved design and experience. We are the trend setters. Our current prize gem is “Smart Invoice”. Why? Because it offers a solution for invoicing better than the app industry. The other invoice apps within the app market were confusing, time consuming, and frustrating. We addressed that problem by creating our own invoice app that was designed to do the same tasks with fewer button presses and at reasonable prices.

We will continue to set trends in producing unique user experiences. We will continue to create innovative and unique mobile apps that bring forth a new vision to app development. We will continue to do so because we are Epitosoft.